Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Individual

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Group

Improve documentation productivity

Enable multiple employees to create reports, spreadsheets, presentations and other documentation more efficiently—in the office or on the road—with fast, accurate dictation and transcription. Dragon Professional Group enterprise-ready speech recognition software features powerful, easily sharable customization and integrates into current workflows to drive workplace productivity.

Put Dragon to work for your business

Improve employees’ documentation throughput for better customer service, increased compliance and greater focus on core business activities.


Eliminate the need for costly transcription services or inefficient manual processes by enabling employees to dictate into a digital voice recorder for later transcription.

Easily deploy, measure and centrally manage Dragon on multiple desktops within the organization with the Nuance User Management Center.

Increase revenue and improve customer service—without adding staff—by streamlining documentation processes.


Reduce liability risks associated with inaccurate or incomplete documentation.

Use Dragon Professional Group and the professional grade Dragon Anywhere continuous mobile dictation app so employees can share customisations through the Nuance User Management Center, and continue to dictate on any device.

Let Dragon work for you

  • Speed through documentation
    Fast dictation and high recognition accuracy that continually improves as it adapts to your voice.

  • Short-cut repetitive tasks
    Define simple voice commands to short-cut repetitive processes, speed up document creation, and boost your productivity.

  • Boost efficiency
    Add customized words for accurate recognition of the industry terms, acronyms or personal preferences you use very day.


Robust documentation

The problem:
Documentation overload

Many organizations face growing documentation demands that require employees to document interactions with clients in the field. But inefficient or cumbersome documentation processes can put accuracy, deadlines and employee productivity at risk, resulting in non-compliance penalties, reliance on costly transcription services, and long hours spent on administrative work rather than core business initiatives.
The solution:
Dragon speech recognition

By deploying Dragon speech recognition software across the enterprise, your organisation can speed turnaround of more complete, accurate documentation to meet critical deadlines, minimise compliance liability, and reduce outside transcription costs. Thousands of organisations across industries have put Dragon to work to streamline their documentation processes, reducing costs and improving service for bottomline impact.


Centralized User administration made easy

Nuance User Management Center (NUMC) makes it easy to track usage and centrally manage licenses, user accounts and profiles, administrative settings, and custom words and commands across the enterprise. Dragon Professional Group speech recognition software coupled with NUMC and goal-driven project management and services, provides a complete enterprise-ready solution that meets your organization’s specific documentation productivity requirements to improve the corporate bottom line.