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Speech Recognition for the Healthcare Environment

Speech recognition drives efficiency and cost savings in clinical documentation by turning clinician dictations into formatted documents, automatically.

Using front-end speech recognition, clinicians dictate, self-edit and sign transcription-free completed reports in one sitting – directly into a RIS/PACS system, an EHR or any clinical information system. Front-end speech recognition also enables doctors to quickly navigate from one section of the information system to another, saving valuable time.

Using backend speech recognition, clinician dictations are turned into speech recognised first drafts that medical secretaries edit, resulting in increased productivity for the medical secretaires when compared to traditional transcription.


  • Reduce document turnaround times
  • Save significantly on transcription costs
  • Enhance patient care through increased clinical record accuracy, inclusiveness and access
  • Dictate directly into the EHR or clinical information system with front-end speech recognition
  • Accelerate navigation within the information system, saving doctors time
  • Increase medical secretaries productivity with less strain
  • Increase clinician satisfaction
    Facilitate EHR adoption
  • Employ multiple dictation options including phone, dictation devices, and workstations